CVT-1000 STRETCH CV Tool CVS-11 STRETCH CV Boot - Std CVS-11 STRETCH CV Boot - Large
RB002 - Rakboot CVT-15 Clamp Tool STRETCH Nitrile Gloves



Part No. Description Trade $ +GST
CVT-1000 STRETCH™ CV Boot Installation Tool 299.00+
CVS-11 STRETCH™ 1x Standard CV Boot Kit 16.70+
CVS-11/10 STRETCH™ 10x CVS-11 CV Boot kits 157.00+
CVS-22 STRETCH™ 1x CVS-22 Large CV Boot Kit 18.70+
CVS-22/10 STRETCH™ 10x CVS-22 Large CV Boot kits 177.00+
RB002 STRETCH™ Rakboot kit (1x pair) 27.75+
CVT-15 Ear Type CV Clamp Tool 38.00+


STRETCH™ Small/Medium Nitrile Gloves (100pcs)
STRETCH™ Small/Medium Nitrile Gloves (100pcs)
STRETCH™ Small/Medium Nitrile Gloves (100pcs)

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